Hi, my name is Drea — glad to have you here! I am a San Francisco Bay Area native, but my feet have taken me to Brooklyn, NY where I currently live with my hubby and two fur babies.

A writer at heart, I’ve always thought in prose, and poetry has been my personal language ever since I could remember.  I carry with me the soul of my Grandmother — her love of cooking, family, laughter, fashion, and most of all beautiful shoes is the theme of my life. My spirit animal has wings (or fins) so that I thrive in exploration and adventure.

In 2017, a breast cancer diagnosis rocked my world. And while the past few months have been the most challenging of my life, I intend to celebrate the rainbow amidst the clouds and continue to live in love and adventure.  I have learned much about not only living a healthful life, but one that is healing and gratifying.  I explore food, fitness, fashion, travel, philosophy, self-care and so much more in and out of the context of cancer, so this site is my way of sharing all that with the hopes of connecting and perhaps even inspiring.

There are many beautiful moments I have and will continue to experience during this journey — the kindness of others, the importance of faith and nourishment of the mind/body/soul, discovery of self, evolution of self, and especially gratitude for the every day.

My feet have taken me many places, and I know they will take me to many more!  These are my stories, photos, and writings — little pieces of me that make up this wonderful life. ❤


Is it but the perfect sun that warms your face

and rouses you at down.

Is it the sky so blue, of which beauty is envious.

Or is it the cloud that masks the sun,

that trumps the sky,

that conceals the beauty.

Or is it all but a picture —

the sum of parts.

The shade and the light,

the love and the grief,

the then and the now,

the all that will be…