Start where you are.

I created this blog in early January 2018, but have had a really hard time figuring out what to write…no, how to start.  See, my life has thus far been lived by the book.  Go to school, meet friends, find a good job, get married, travel.  The thing is this was all an illusion.  My life, my book, has never and will never be perfect.  It is messy and sad and up and down and scary and full of plot twists.  But then again, what good book isn’t?

Today is February 11, 2018.  And I started writing this (my first) post at 11:11pm.  You know what they say about 11:11 😉 So today I start the first post of this blog.  It didn’t need to be profound.  It could be this simple.  To start where I am, and where I am is sitting on a hotel bed in the middle of Indianapolis – the city where I got the call that changed the rest of my life.  So today I start writing, I start pouring, I start creating.  I am starting where I am. ❤



photography |  Jay Dabatos

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