My 2×6 Sanctuary


An orange fruit on a square white sign.

Sea of mats perfectly aligned.

Minimal clothes, present as I am.

Hello, Heat.


One block, two block.

My friends for the next hour.

One under my head, another under my chest.

Hello, heart opener.


Palms on mat

Followed by knees.

Hello, cow and cat.


Eyes closed, breath deep,

What a perfect little space.

Upside down shapes mimicking canine pose

Hello, toes and face.


Core tight, arms strong.

Chaturanga – friend or foe?

Salutations to the sun,

Hello, knee to elbow.


Flow hard, flow strong

Contorting into various shapes

Upside down and inside out

Hello, soul space.


I grab my towel,

Salty condensation covers my entirety.

I am purging so much – mind, body, soul

Hello, clarity.


Now on my back, movements slowing

Practice nearing a close.

Lights are shut, fans turn on

Hello, corpse pose.


This horizontal heaven cradles me

As I marinade in happy juice

We end our practice with a collective Om

Hello, calm and loose.


An hour and a half well spent,

So proud of my healing body

Eyes closed, hands prayered

Goodbye for now, my 2×6 sanctuary…

One thought on “My 2×6 Sanctuary

  1. ❤ I love this, especially the line: this horizontal heaven cradles me. Yoga truly is such a sanctuary, from our world and from our minds. Perhaps the most incredible part of yoga is the moment we realize that the calm, clarity and strength has been in us all along, and we can access it any time we need a little boost. 🙂

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